Test of hair capturing
The continuous monitoring of swimming pool water quality as well as the operating of water attractions requires the withdrawal of water from the basins. With this in mind there are openings in the basin walls, where the water being sucked in.

On those intakes a high suction force can arise because of incorrect constructions or oversized pumps, so that the hair of a passing person can be sucked in. This is a concrete danger.

A number of tragic accidents in the past years proves this.

ecotron determined and documented possible potential danger on the basis of DIN EN 13451/3 in public swimming pools as follows:

  • Realization of test series referring to DIN/EN 13451/3
  • Documentation of the measurement results
  • Classification of the potential danger
  • Creation of a package of measures for averting danger

The opposite pictures from a public outdoor swimming pool show the process of such investigation with negative ending.

It can be seen, how the hairs are being catched and sucked into the intake where they are tangled. Behind the intakes it can lead to a knot formation, so that an extraction of the hairs is no longer possible.

The tension spring measurement device shows the developing pull effects, which arise at the hairs by suction.

Please contact us, when you have doubts concerning the harmlessness of the intakes in your swimming pool. Our measurements give informations immediately about possible dangers.

In this case our ecotron specialists create counter-measures.

ecotron security-test
according to DIN/EN 13451/3:

A bush of human hair
is brought to the intake
which is to be inspected.

First hairs are catched
by the suction.
A big part of the hairs
is sucked in quickly
and pulled into the intakes.
It starts the turbulence and the knot.
Behind the intake
the hairs are knotted strongly now.
An extraction of the hairs is
no more possible even with big power.

The swimming person is in a life-threatening condition!
Clearly recognizably:
the torsion of the human hairs
starts already before the intake.

From now on only the cutting of the hairs
would be the only live saving solution.
ecotron determines possible potential dangers in public swimming pools and creates measures for averting a danger.