Disinfectant cleaners

- liquid, disinfectant cleaner for surfaces
(not DGHM tested)
eco-Hexaquart "S" - liquid, - disinfectant cleaner and fungicide, disinfectant cleaner concentrate without aldehyde, phenol, for universal use in swimming pools, saunas and solaria (DGHM tested and listed)
eco-Desirein - liquid, disinfectant cleaner (without aldehyde and phosphate),for disinfection of surfaces and cleaning in public and private baths, sanitary facilities, general industrial operation cleaning, schools, etc.
Universally usable in sauna area, also for disinfection of untreated timber

eco-Desirein Forte - liquid, disinfectant cleaner (without aldehyde and phosphate), powerful cleaner for all washable surfaces. For universal use in public and private baths as well as in saunas and for disinfection of untreated timber. (DGHM tested and listed)