Our definition of service
Service is one of the key elements of our company philosophy.

The complex field of water preparation requires constantly updated knowledge about processes and products, laws and regulations.

ecotron is a competent partner for the industry and is always at your service concerning your performance requirements.

National and international presence
ecotron operates on a nation- and worldwide basis. Among our own plants we also maintain all common third-party products.

Free qualified consultation
- in all matters relating to an effective plant operation.
- by retrofitting of plants, by plant extension or new conception.

Quick and competent support
ecotron staff render prompt and qualified assistance both in difficult case of average and minor emergencies.

Permanent emergency on call service
for acute emergencies our 24 hours telephone is also available at the weekends.

Experts with qualification
ecotron staff are highly specialized experts and are familiar with all methods of water preparation.