Operating principle of the Saito Tank
Inside the system there is a vertical arranged screw which mixes thoroughly the filter material from bottom to top during the cleaning cycle.

Through the effect of using a kneading action the sludge is completely exfoliated from the filter material and can be washed out by backwashing.

By this method even stubborn sludge can be removed. Therefore filter material replacement is not necessary and filter media can be kept in the condition close to that of new filter media.

  • Constant quality
    An uneven sedimentation as a result of the cleaning run does not occur, consequently impairments in the level of efficiency are prevented.

  • Lower operating costs
    No costs for purchasing new filter material and no disposal costs.

  • Significant water saving
    The water demand is essentially lower because by the use of Saito-tank the backwashing is only for washing out.
  • significant savings of backwash water.
  • no replacement of filter material.
  • significant reduction of working expenses and maintenance cost.
  • a contribution towards environmental protection and zero emission according to DIN ISO 14000.
Saito Tank is a brand name of Nihon Genryo Co., Ltd., Japan