Stationary filtration plant
By currently used conventional filtration plants a change of the filter material is necessary every 6 months till 5 years. The used filter material must be disposed usually as industrial hazardous waste.

ecotron presents with the Saito-tank an innovative filter concept which ensures an always constant water quality. The usual replacement of the filter material is not necessary with this technique.

This technology convinced by the following characteristics:

  • significantly reduced water consumption for the backwashing
  • no replacement of filter material
  • constant water quality because of always clean filter material
  • a big step towards zero emission
  • significant reduction of expenses for the saving of constant water quality
  • no caking of the filter material - The creation of nests for germs is prevented.
  • usable for the pre-conditioning of
    • membrane treatment plants
    • membrane activated carbon plants
    • soft water plants, pure water plants
  • low maintenance cost of the Saito-tank
  • significant reduction of working expenses by saving of backwash water.
  • no replacement of filter material.
  • a contribution towards environmental protection and zero emission according to DIN ISO 14000.
Saito Tank is a brand name of Nihon Genryo Co., Ltd., Japan