Membran cell electrolysis units without reduction of brine
This process variant conforms largely to the membrane cell electrolysis process with reduction of lean salt water. Here the process of the brine, which is exposed in the anode chamber, has been modified however, so that about 80 % of the sodium chloride (NaCl) is implemented when one-time passing the electrode area.

The remaining 20 % of the sodium chloride (NaCl) will not be separated from the produced chlorine gas (Cl2), but do also pass the reaction chamber. As a result the sodium hypochlorite solution gets a low salinization.

The advantages of this technique are also the high chlorine content of about 30 g/l and the extraordinary high operational safety.
NaOCl-unit with a performance of 2,500 grams chlorine per hour (2,500 g chlorine/h)
Technical Data