Membran cell electrolysis units for production of chlorine dioxide

Chlorine is generated by electrolysis of a common salt solution and that is the starting point for the actual method. Just as much as chlorine is produced during that process which is actually needed for the reaction.

All required solutions for the reaction will be provided simply and quickly from solid components on location. The concentration of the chlorine dioxide solution is variably adjustable.

The units can be put into operation or switched off without considerable start-up time or flow time. Moreover the plants can be reconfigurated for the simultaneous production of chlorine and chlorine dioxide in variable proportions. The advantages of this method are:

  • low-cost production of chlorine dioxide, chlorine or mixtures of chlorine dioxide and chlorine

  • variable adjustment of the concentration of the product

  • short switching-on times and switching-off times

  • minor safety and instrumental effort

  • diverse applicabilities for water disinfection and water treatment

  • starting substances are licensed according to TVO

  • option for the coincident production of an anticorrosive after a minimal upgrade of the plant
ClO2-unit with
a performance of
20 grams chlorine dioxide
per hour.
(20 g chlorine dioxide/h)
Technical Data